Independent Senior Living

HIBOU checks up on your loved ones when you’re not around, and alerts you if they don’t respond.


How does it work

Check-in via landline or app

• Get automated check-ins by phone calls or app alerts, up to twice a day.

Stay connected

• If your loved ones miss a check-in, you get an alert.

GPS tracking

• GPS location recorded at each check-in.

Smartphones optional

• Works with any landline, cell phone, or smartphone.

Why do people use Hibou

From a son’s perspective

From a father’s perspective


(Regularly $9/month)

2 Check-in Per Day

Hibou calls automatically everyday to check in on the seniors up to 2 times a day,
and alert you if a check-in was missed after 3 attempts.

Free Activity Timers

Heading out on a hike or kayak?
Set an activity timer so your loved ones know if you are home safely.

Works on All Platforms

You will be able to easily setup the check-in calls within 15 minutes
without having to get an additional smartphone for your loved ones.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“Hibou has saved me so much time. Ever since I had set it up for my mom, I know my mom is well at all time. And when I do reach out to her, I have noticed that our conversations had become more meaningful and engaging, rather than a mere responsibility of checking up on her.”
- Wayne K


“My aunt suffers from MS, but she is still quite active in the community. I worried about her quite often, but now with Hibou, I am now much more assured about her safety.”
- Olivia C

“I don’t think my mother would have gone into senior living as soon as she did if we had a product like Hibou to help her live alone.”
- Mary T

Keeping 40,000 Canadians Safe Since 1999

Hibou has over 20 years of history implementing safety technology, keeping your loved ones connected and safe.









Can’t Decide?

See how we compare to our major competitor based on two check-ins per day for 30 days.
Hibou Wellness Philips Lifeline Self-managed

Free for a limited time

$120 CAD/month

Manual Labour & Frustration

Automated Check-ins

Human phone calls

Ad hoc & Easily Forgotten

Easy setup online

Requires existing service

Poorly Equipped

Aging Gracefully

Health problems or sensory deficits, new or worsening symptoms may be unnoticed.
Without using Hibou, something could happen without you being aware.
Try Hibou free for a peace of mind.