Hibou Me

HibouMe is the basics of Hibou to help keep you safe and keep your family informed. Whenever you go out for an activity, feel free to check-in so your friends and family are aware of your status.

What is it?


Using GPS technology and built in timers, Hibou allows you to participate in all the activities you love without worry. Whether you want to climb your backyard mountain, take off skiing for the afternoon or travel around the world, Hibou will support you. Simply push the activity button in the app, set the timer for the expected length of time (up to 24hrs) and go about your activity. Once you have safely returned, simply end your timer. If your timer expires before you return, you can always extend it by pushing a button.

Meet Mary

“I love to go on long walks in the local mountains. Although it is beautiful, there are some risks. We often have bears on the trails, and unsteady footing. I use Hibou to make sure my husband knows where I am going and he will make sure I get help if I don’t return. It’s a little bit of extra security that helps me keep doing the things I love” - Mary

How does Hibou help?

If you find yourself in distress and cannot call for help yourself, Hibou will be there for you. Once your timer expires, notifications will be set to your pre-determined contact list. They will be notified that you are overdue and given your last known location in Google Maps. From there, help will be on its way.

Meet Cathy

“I use Hibou on an old iphone that my son gave me. It doesn’t have a cell plan but I connect it to Wifi. Recently, I was in the bathroom and tripped on the carpet. I fell down and hurt my wrist. I was having trouble standing up, so I pushed the HELP ME button on Hibou. My daughter, who lives up the street, got the message and came down to help me stand up. If I didn’t have Hibou, I have no idea how long I would have been there.” – Cathy

What does the button do?

HibouMe is also equipped with an HELP ME/Emergency button. When you push this button, a notification and GPS location will immediately be sent to your contact list. In an emergency, it makes sense to call 9-1-1, but other times, alerting your family and friends that you need help is the most appropriate solution.

Meet Rob

“When my wife is away, I always make sure I log into my Hibou app. About a year, my wife had left on a short camping trip with her friends. While she was gone, I decided I would tidy up the yard as a surprise for her when she came home. I checked into Hibou in the morning and set it for 8hrs. I went outside and accidentally left my phone on the counter. A couple hours into my cleaning, I decided to remove some dead branches from our tree. I climbed up the ladder and got to work. Just as I was finishing, I lost my footing, and slipped off the ladder. I feel about 8 feet down and cracked my ankle. About 30minutes later, my wife received a notification from Hibou letting her know I was overdue. She called me with no answer. After a few attempts, she asked a neighbour to walk over and check-on me. He found me lying on the grass with branches all around. Without Hibou, I would have been laying there till my wife’s return a couple days later.” – Robb

Versus Traditional Devices

HibouMe also keeps you connected on a daily base. Accidents and injury are most likely to happen in everyday life. A slip in the bathroom, a fall outside, or a heart attack can all be life threatening if help doesn’t arrive soon. Traditional personal emergency response devices require you to push a button when you need help. But Hibou will be there to call for help when you can’t call yourself. Simply set the Activity Timer to Daily which is set for 24hrs. Now you can go on living your life, knowing Hibou is there supporting you.

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