Hibou Alert

HibouAlert is a wearable help button that can be carried discreetly in a pocket, worn on your wrist, or around your neck as a pendant. HibouAlert uses Bluetooth® to pair with the Hello Hibou app available on iPhone® and Android™ devices. When you push the button, Hibou Alert will send a Help notification and GPS location to your pre-selected Circle contacts.

What is it?


HibouAlert is a smart button. Using Bluetooth® technology, HibouAlert pairs with your phone to provide an alternative solution to traditional, bulky and expensive panic buttons. HibouAlert is waterproof, comes with a one-year battery life and can maintain a range of 75ft (200ft outdoors).

Meet Gordy

Gordy loves to garden and has supported his local Rotary garden club for years. Every month, Gordy meets his Rotary members at a location somewhere in the lower mainland to create beautiful garden beds. A couple of years ago, Gordy was diagnosed with dementia. Sometimes he finds it hard to remember how to get to new places and can get disoriented. His wife Maria wanted him to be able to continue to participate in the monthly gardening program but she was worried he might get lost and something might happen. Gordy now uses HibouAlert when he is travelling to and from his gardening program. If he ever gets confused or lost, he can push his button and Maria is sent a notification that he needs help and provides her with his location. Maria and Gordy now have the freedom to continue to live their lives.

Meet Elenore

Elenore lives alone in her home in Victoria, BC. She has always been independent and plans to continue to do so. About a year ago, Elenore noticed that she was having trouble with her knees and underwent a total knee replacement. During her recovery, she was concerned that she may have a fall, so she ordered HibouAlert. Elenore paired the device to her phone and keeps the phone plugged in her kitchen, running on wifi. One night, Elenore got up to go to the bathroom. Her knee gave out and she fell in the bathroom, severely injuring herself. Fortunately, she was wearing her HibouAlert on her wrist. He son was notified that she had a fall and was able to come to her house to help her back up and get medical attention. Without Hibou and HibouAlert, Elenore would have been on the floor till someone came by the next day.

Fall detection

HibouAlert is equipped with Fall Detection sensors. If the device senses a significant drop, it will alert all the Circle members. At any point, a false alarm can be voided by a single push of a button on the Hibou App.

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