We are founded with the mandate of providing innovative technological solutions to monitoring the safety, security, and health of people.


Protecting 40,000 Canadians and counting.

Our parent company, Tsunami Solutions Ltd, was founded in 1999 and currently provides the most feature-rich and reliable personal safety solution on the market today. We are considered a world leader in protecting over 40,000 lone workers. SafetyLine is the chosen solution for the Province of British Columbia, federal agencies, and hundreds of other public and private sector organizations. Tsunami has established key partnerships with organizations such as Bell Canada, Sonim technologies, Globalstar, Garmin and the Corps Commissionaires of Canada.


Innovation, Family, Empathy, Empowerment.

Our corporate values of INNOVATION, FAMILY, EMPATHY, EXCELLENCE and EMPOWERMENT are the core of Tsunami’s operations attributing to low turnover and high retention. Our strong culture is demonstrated through programs such as our Wellness program, Future Leaders mentorship program, Excellence™Program, Innovation Station, Tsunami Education Program, Green Offices program, as well as biannual corporate retreats and an annual Hackathon.


100% Canadian

We are a proudly owned and operated Canadian corporation. Hibou is committed to protecting your personal information. We do this by investing in sophisticated, cloud hosting technology that has the highest level of security possible and is the chosen provider for the federal government (Canada.ca) Azure AD B2C and OAuth2 assure that your data remains secure and held within Canada. Hibou never shares or sells your data to any 3rd party or subsidiary of Hibou Application Inc. Transparency is the primary concern for Hibou and we are dedicated to making you feel comfortable in trusting us with your most valuable pieces of information.

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